December 03, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Nissan’s LEAF turns 10 and shows consumers what life’s like with an EV

The Nissan LEAF is arguably one of the most popular mass market fully electric vehicles in the automotive landscape. The Japanese carmaker’s erstwhile EV just celebrated its 10th year of production with some 500,000 units produced to date.

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Sold in over 59 markets globally, it has not only given consumers the full EV experience but has done so without necessarily making things overly complicated. Nissan says that while it is a zero emissions vehicle, owning and driving a LEAF isn’t necessarily that different from a regular vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

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So what’s the big deal with the Nissan LEAF? And how different (or similar) is it from your regular gas- or diesel-powered vehicle? Check out these short clips to find out.


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