October 01, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Nissan concept hopes to provide RE-LEAF during a disaster

Mention the name Nissan LEAF and chances are, a fully electric vehicle comes to mind. But Nissan wants the LEAF to also be known as an emergency response vehicle, thus the introduction of the RE-LEAF concept.

The RE-LEAF is a slightly modified Nissan LEAF EV that has been equipped with gear to not only traverse debris-strewn roads but likewise provide emergency power to disaster areas. It features multiple power sockets integrated into the bodywork to provide 110- to 230-volt power for various devices.

It can, for example, juice up such devices as Electric Jackhammer, Pressure Ventilation Fan, 10-liter soup kettle, Intensive Care medical ventilator, and a 100-watt LED flashlight, just to name a few. And these devices can go on for around 24 hours when plugged into the RE-LEAF.

While the RE-LEAF may be a working prototype, the Nissan LEAF has served as power supply provider during numerous natural disasters in its home country of Japan since 2011. It has helped rescuers and even victims power up medical, commercial, communication, and their necessities amidst calamities.

And as Nissan goes further into the development of the LEAF and its RE-LEAF concept, it hopes to not only provide a zero emissions vehicle for the everyday motorist but one that could potentially help him survive a disaster.

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