May 17, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff

Nissan Motor to equip new Skyline with next-gen of ProPILOT tech

New ProPILOT tech offers navigated highway driving, hands-off single-lane driving

Nissan Motor Corporation further expands its Intelligent Mobility by equipping the new Skyline with the company’s next generation of driver assistance technology that combines the navigated highway driving and hands-off single-lane capabilities.

Based on Nissan’s award-winning ProPILOT system, the technology is designed for ramp-to-ramp highway driving, and it engages with the vehicle’s navigation system to help maneuver the car according to a predefined route on designated roadways. For the first time, the system also enables hands-off driving while cruising in a single lane.

To enable the latest functions of the new system, drivers must first set their destination in the navigation system, creating a predefined travel route. Once the car enters the highway, the new system’s navigated driving becomes available.

Upon activation using a predefined route, the system will assist the driver with traveling on a multi-lane highway until reaching the highway exit on a predefined route — helping to handle passing, lane diversions, and lane exiting.

The ProPILOT’s hand-off driving while cruising in a given lane feature activates when the vehicle approaches a road divide, or when passing a slower vehicle is possible, the system judges the appropriate timing of branching off or passing based on information from the navigation system and 360-degree sensing. Intuitive audio and visual guidance are given to the driver, who is prompted to put both hands on the steering wheel and confirm the start of these operations with a switch.

Hands-off driving is possible when driving in a single lane as long as the driver’s attention is on the road ahead and the driver is prepared to take manual control of the steering wheel when conditions of the road, traffic, and vehicle require it.

If the preceding vehicle is driving more slowly than the speed set by the driver, and the system detects that it can pass, the driver will be notified through audio and visual guidance. The driver can agree to pass by placing both hands on the steering wheel and operating a switch. Upon the driver’s confirmation, the vehicle will smoothly move into the passing lane. Once it has passed the slower vehicle and the system has determined that it is possible to return to the driving lane, the system requests confirmation from the driver to bring the vehicle back into the original lane.

The single-lane highway version of ProPILOT debuted in 2016 on the Nissan Serena minivan in Japan and has won accolades including the Japan Car of the Year Innovation Award, and more than 350,000 Nissan vehicles have been equipped with this driver assistance technology.

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