August 06, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Nissan’s Virtual Showroom takes the brand experience to the digital world

Nissan in the Philippines gives its customers another way to check out its line-up of vehicles as it introduces its new Virtual Showroom. The new showroom takes the actual physical dealership experience to the digital world.

Here, customers will be able to “get a feel” of the vehicles with 360 degree views, hotspots that highlight the various features, and even walkaround videos. It’s pretty much like perusing a Terra or Almera, albeit from the safety of your home.

Moreover, viewers can even check out things like color and how the vehicle looks in a shade of red, for instance, from various angles. And even the interior can be viewed from a variety of angles.

The Nissan Virtual Showroom is the first of its kind in the Asia and Oceania region. it’s meant to give Nissan customers the same showroom experience, this time from the safety of their home. It’s a great way to experience Nissan during this pandemic as one does not put themselves at risk by stepping out and increasing the risk of contracting the virus.

Visit the Nissan Virtual Showroom today.

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