April 24, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff

Power Up with 3K Battery

Meeting the electrical charging requirement of today’s modern vehicles

For hassle-free adventures on the road, choose longer lasting 3K Battery.  It utilizes the latest Japanese technology, powered by Hitachi Chemical Storage. 3K Battery is the most trusted brand in Thailand, winning numerous awards because of its superior product quality.

The 3K Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Battery meets the electrical charging requirement of today’s high-powered vehicles. Whether maneuvering through busy metro streets or going on long drives out of town, 3K Battery is up to the task. Available in OEM-spec sizes applicable for all cars, SUV’s, vans and pick-ups.



Higher Engine Cranking Capacity

Maximum Reserve Capacity

Extreme Durability

Absolute Safety and Convenience

Unique Design Features:

Ergonomic and rounded handles ensure ease in removing and installing the battery.

A Magic Eye that indicates if the battery is fully charged, requires recharging or needs to be replaced.

Factory sealed and double lidded top cover prevents chemical leakage.

Reinforced case with a lattice grid housing prevents the battery from swelling due to high temperatures and chemical expansion.

Make every road adventure trouble-free with 3K Batteries as it provides longer service life and durability whether for city driving or long drives.

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