October 15, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff

Provide solutions to traffic problems, not criticisms – Panelo

Panelo expresses his awareness of traffic problems in Metro Manila

After taking the commuting challenge of his critics last week, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said that instead of looking for loopholes, they should provide solutions to solve the worsening traffic situation in Metro Manila.

“Iyong mga mahilig maghamon, eh magbigay kayo ng mga mungkahi kung papaano kayo makakatulong sa pamahalaan, ng mga magagandang proposal,” said Panelo in a Palace briefing.

“Hindi makakatulong iyan, magbigay na lang kasi kayo ng proposal para makatulong kayo sa pamahalaan. Iyon ang solusyon doon,” he added.

Prior to the commuting challenge, Vice President Leni Robredo said that Panelo didn’t acknowledge the existence of “mass transportation crisis”, but the Malacañang spokesperson insisted that there’s no mass transport crisis but a “traffic crisis,” which makes it difficult for commuters and motorists to reach their destinations.

30 years late

According to Panelo, the traffic issues in the country were attributed by lack of transportation infrastructure, leaving the Philippines 20 to 30 years behind against neighboring countries.

“Doon nag-umpisa iyan eh. Kulang tayo ng mga bridges, wala tayong Skyway, maliliit ang mga kalsada natin,” Panelo said.

He further exclaimed that the lack of continuity of transport projects adds to the worsening traffic in the Metro. Panelo didn’t blame the previous administrations but he mentioned that the current traffic problem has been predicted by experts several years ago.

“Sinasabi lang sa taumbayan na ganoon kalalim ang problema; ganoon kahaba iyong neglect, iyong pagpapabaya kaya lumaki, lumalim, lumawak ang suliranin diyan sa trapikong iyan,” Panelo added.

He said even without having done the challenge, he is aware of the commuters’ daily plight since he has also experienced the same hardship in his days as a student.

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