January 10, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Refreshed Subaru Impreza presented in Singapore

New Impreza upgraded inside, out

First introduced in 2016, the fifth-generation Subaru Impreza makes an appearance at the Singapore Motor Show 2020 with a collection of upgrades for the new year.

The exterior has been revamped with a new front bumper that is matched with new LED headlights and a new front grille. Between the fresh fog lamps is a new lower front grille as well. Blacked-out taillights don the 5-door hatchback model. Replacing the Dark Grey wheels are new 17-inch alloys in Magnetite Grey.

Step inside the updated Impreza and new stitching on the hood of the multi-function display and gloss-back air-conditioning panel await.

Subaru has also been assertive in equipping its vehicles with an array of safety and convenience features in recent years.

As the Impreza reached 20 km/h, its Speed-Sensitive Lock feature automatically locks the doors. A Front View Monitor has been installed for simpler forward parking. The Rear Seat Reminder alerts the driver to check the rear seats before alighting the vehicle. To assist the driver in reverse parking, a reverse-linked tilt-down passenger-side mirror automatically dips.

Now, although the Japanese manufacturer has been busy with figuring out how to make safer products, it has not forgotten its roots.

The driving experience also gained some upgrades. Subaru added its SI-DRIVE powertrain performance management system, with Sport Mode and Intelligent mode, along with a re-turned suspension system.

See the new Impreza for yourself at the Singapore Motor Show 2020 at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Center happening this week.

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