September 24, 2018 By C! Magazine Staff

Renault EZ-PRO could make deliveries greener, more efficient

This autonomous robo-vehicle can do different chores

Groupe Renault unveiled the Renault EZ-PRO at the Hannover Motor Show, an autonomous, electric, connected and shared robo-pod concept. It is Renault’s notion for the future of last-mile delivery solutions.

E-commerce is thriving as consumers want immediate delivery and retailers manage delivery expenses. Similarly, cities continue to come up with methods to manage increasing traffic and congestion. These make last-mile delivery solutions one of the biggest businesses today.

EZ-PRO is a concept that consists of an autonomous leader pod and driverless robo-pods. Renault believes that the management of the last mile will not be fully automated as people will remain integral in transport services for the foreseeable future.

The fleet of robo-pods either follows each other by platooning or can move independently. A leader pod in the EZ-PRO carries a human concierge who supervises the delivery of goods and services, in addition to its fleet. Instead of giving full attention to driving, the concierge can supervise the itinerary planning and the driverless robo-pods, ensure efficient and customized service, such as in-person, premium delivery of groceries and fragile objects.

“With EZ-PRO, we continue our exploratory work around urban shared mobility of the future. Focused on delivery solutions, this autonomous, connected and electric concept represents the ideal tool, being both a creator of opportunity for professionals and a facilitator of services for all its users, direct or indirect. It is based on Renault’s expertise in commercial vehicles and on the brand’s DNA, which places people at the heart of its solutions,” said Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President, Groupe Renault Corporate Design.

Various types of goods and merchandise are carried by a convoy of pods leaving from the same hub and managed by the same logistics operator. Each pod consists of its own paymaster, theme, clientele and delivery place. However, the pods are operated by the same electric and autonomous platform. To maximize productivity and to save costs, a pod can make a sequence of deliveries from one online store and another string for a different store.

Styling in the EZ-PRO is designed to keep visual impact at a minimum and heighten the pods’ integration into the urban landscape. A subdued personality is given for the pods to help blend-in with the cityscape. This is aided by the satin finish of the bodywork, the wheel fairings, the glossy surface of the opening panels and reflective properties.

The EZ-PRO is among a series of Renault concepts concentrated on urban mobility services. It is fully-electric and strives to contribute to a greener and quieter transport system.

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