May 14, 2022 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Rolls-Royce updates the Phantom Series II

When updating its cars, Rolls-Royce tries to keep things subtle in order to maintain the overall vibe of its lineup. One case in point is the new 2023 Phantom Series II, which gets a few subtle tweaks inside and out.

The new grille, for instance, is now illuminated to show its connection to its Ghost siblings. Then there are the blacked out accents on certain exterior parts, this one to keep it in step with the times. The final and most obvious touch are the available disc wheels. The last bit is a nod to automobiles of the 1920 when cars had wheel designs of this sort.

Step inside and the driver is greeted by a thicker steering wheel while the dash likewise gets a few tweaks to keep things more interesting. And just as with any Rolls-Royce, the rear seats have been made more special, this time using fabric upholstery.

While most people may think that this is a step down to the more mainstream kind of material, Rolls-Royce is quick to point out that the fabrics come from an Italian mill and bamboo fibers. In other words, it will always offer nothing but the best. Plus, it wants to show that luxury isn’t necessarily equated with leather.

While most every automaker is downsizing its engine displacements and number of cylinders, the British luxury brand soldiers on with its 3.85-liter twin-turbo V12 engine. This, however, will soon change as it has not made any secret of its plan to cease employing the internal combustion engine come 2030. 

For now, customers can enjoy the smooth power of this large displacement mill and the subtle tweaks that come with the new 2023 Phantom Series II.

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