May 08, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

The Lexus RX350L lets more family members come along for the luxurious ride

When one thinks of Lexus SUVs, one of the models that come to mind is the RX. After all, this was the first offering of its kind to wear the prestigious Japanese luxury badge in 1998–a decade after the brand launch in 1989. Since then, the nameplate has evolved and gotten with the times—ushering in the 7-seater RX350L.

With 7-seater SUVs being all the rage these days, Lexus has deemed it wise to endow its pioneer SUV nameplate with the versatility of this body type. Longer than the standard RX, the RX350L adds a power-folding third-row seat to allow more passengers to come along for the ride.

In addition, there’s a generous amount of cargo space behind the last row, which can be further expanded by folding it down. Moreover, underfloor storage means added space that’s hidden from prying eyes.

Just like the standard RX, the RX350L boasts Takumi craftsmanship that can be seen in little details. Everything from the exterior paint to interior trimmings are crafted by the best Japanese craftspeople who put the art into every little thing they create.

And lest you think that this is merely a stretched version of the 5-seater RX, Lexus has engineered the RX350L with retuned suspension and shock absorbers to give it a supple ride while still being capable in the corners—despite the added length.

All this is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 with 296bhp and 273lb-ft of torque., hooked up to an 8-speed AT. Drivers can even use the Drive Mode Selector to toggle between various settings to suit their driving style and the road conditions.

All told, the Lexus RX350L is the modern rendition of this pioneer nameplate. Now, it even allows more family members to come along and enjoy the luxurious ride.

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