November 19, 2018 By Eric Tipan

EYES! Look at the all-new Toyota Corolla

All-new Toyota Corolla makes global premiere in China

Toyota Motor Corporation has unveiled the 12th generation Corolla at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, including new sedan models in the series.

Using the automaker’s Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, the all-new Corolla will also come in a hatchback and wagon body, a sporty model under the ‘Levin’ nameplate in North America and China, and ‘Prestige’ in Europe and other regions.

According to Toyota, new characteristics of the Corolla will be a ‘lower center of gravity, sportier exterior, sleek interior design, cutting-edge active safety technologies from Toyota Safety Sense, and connected services’.


“We have striven to design new models that are eye-catching, and fun to both ride in and drive. By enhancing not just the fun factors that are unique to cars, but “connectivity” functions to create new value, I wanted to make this new model a car that enriches mobility for customers around the world. I believe the Corolla series, with its millions of customers around the world, is a key touchstone model for gauging the success of Toyota’s “making ever-better cars” philosophy carried out through TNGA. I am confident that customers will see that Toyota’s car-making has changed significantly,” said Yoshiki Konishi, chief engineer of the models.

As one of Toyota’s best-selling models, with more than 46 million units sold worldwide since its introduction in 1966, its success speaks volumes about the model’s evolution through the years while staying true to its core DNA – reliability and usability.

To ensure it lives up to the Corolla nameplate, it was tested for 1 million kilometers in five different continents.

The all-new Corolla uses Toyota’s ‘Shooting Robust’ exterior design concept and a ‘Sensuous Minimalism’ concept for the cabin.

It will have hybrid models and will come with Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa.

Expect the all-new Toyota Corolla starting 2019.


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