June 30, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

SEAOIL does its part to protect its staff and customers against the further spread of COVID-19

The advice given to most folks during these uncertain times is to stay home to protect both themselves and those around them from the dreaded coronavirus. Yet there are times when we need to step out to avail of essentials like food, medicines, and fuel for our vehicles. This is why companies like SEAOIL have given their staff personal protective kits to guard them against what’s lurking out there.

Each staff member at any SEAOIL filling station has been given gloves, liquid soap, and alcohol to protect their hands against dirt and viruses. They have likewise been issued face masks designed by Rag2Riches, a social enterprise that SEAOIL has partnered with.

Besides this, the oil company has also tapped Aoy Llave, a well known car customizer, to design its face shields that it has issued its staff. These face shields can help protect ones eyes and face while being comfortable to wear even after long hours.

As for payments, customers can pay through several methods. Cash and credit cards are still accepted, though these will be placed in a tray to avoid hand contact. Customers who do pay in cash are encouraged to give the exact amount. Plus, SEAOIL has teamed up with PayMaya, GCash, and PriceLOCQ for totally chashless and contactless transactions.

All these are SEAOIL’s way of helping prevent the further spread of the virus as go about our new normal life.

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