December 09, 2021 By Gerard Jude Castillo

SEAOIL fuels and lubricants now powered by STP

If you’ve been a car enthusiast for decades now, chances are you’ve heard of STP. Well, the world-renowned brand of additives makes its way to more Filipinos’ vehicles via a partnership with SEAOIL Philippines.

The new tie-up will see SEAOIL fuels and lubricants now equipped with STP additives. This means every time you fill up with SEAOIL fuels or use them for your engine, you will get the world-class protection offered by STP additives.

What this essentially means is you get double protection from engine wear and corrosion. Moreover, you will get added efficiency. Plus, all this comes at no extra cost. All this translates to longer engine life and lower maintenance costs—a welcome benefit during these times of increased maintenance and fuel costs.

So go ahead and fill up on SEAOIL fuels and lubricants today and experience the benefits of STP additives. Available at all SEAOIL filling stations nationwide.

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