January 13, 2022 By Gerard Jude Castillo

SENSING helps Honda’s thrust towards safety on our roads

Among the mainstream automakers, it’s no secret that Honda has been a staunch advocate of safety. Its vehicles as of late have been fitted with a suite of driver-assist technologies known as Honda SENSING. 

As the name suggests, the system senses the road and its surroundings in order to aid drivers in avoiding accidents. Data by the  World Health Organization shows that 1.35 million road accidents took place in 2018. Here in Metro Manila alone, some 337 deaths out of 65,030 road mishaps occurred in 2020, according to the Metro Manila Accident Reports and Analysis System.

While Honda SENSING may have tech goodies such as CollisionMitigation Braking System, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Road Departure Mitigation System, Lead Car Departure Notification, and Auto High Beams, among others, Honda still believes that this system merely aids the driver. What it all boils down to is driver concentration and a mindset of safety.

This is why the Japanese carmaker has programs such as the Teen Smart and Safety Driving Seminar, which instills the values and skills needed for safe driving to teenagers learning how to drive. It likewise has other programs that instill the same values to road users–whether pedestrians or drivers on two or four wheels.

And yes, it has fitted a good number of its locally available offerings with Honda SENSING. This began with the Legend back in 2015, followed by the 3rd-generation Pilot. Today, the automaker fits its CR-V, Accord, and all variants of the recently launched 11th-generation Civic with Honda SENSING. 

With this, Honda continues to have a well-rounded approach to safety. And who knows? We might just see the likes of the City and Brio fitted with SENSING somewhere down the line.

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