September 22, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Short film reveals what we’ve wanted to know about the Lotus Evija all-electric hypercar

A new era is dawning at Lotus. At the forefront is the upcoming Evija all-electric hypercar. While we’ve read snippets about what it has to offer, nothing could be as detailed as this new short film released by Lotus today.

The film shows Director for Product Attributes Gavan Kershaw at the wheel of the Evija development car on the Hethel track. He is seen driving and discussing what we can expect from this first ever British electric hypercar. It will, for instance, have several drive modes that will bring out the most of the car’s prowess in whatever driving situation one may find themselves in.

Then there is the battery pack that’s mounted right behind the front seats. This will give the Evija that trademark Lotus agile handling. And yes, we get details like horsepower and torque. Even more so, we get things like range and how much power is utilized in a specific drive mode.

This is as comprehensive as it gets for now. So sit back and get to know the Lotus Evija through this short yet exciting film.

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