October 13, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Skyway 3 construction completed ahead of schedule, says SMC

With the original deadline set for October 31, 2020, San Miguel Corporation has announced that it has completed the Skyway 3 project a few weeks ahead of schedule.

The new Skyway 3 is set to link the Southern section of Metro Manila to the Northern part and will drastically cut travel time from SLEX to NLEX to just 20 minutes from an average of three hours at present.

Apart from this, Skyway 3 is also poised to reduce travel from Magallanes to Balintawak to just 15 minutes, Balintawak to NAIA will only take 15 minutes, and Valenzuela to Makati could be done in 10 minutes.

But while the construction phase has been completed, SMC said that it is laying down the finishing touches such as curing of asphalt, which has been delayed due to heavy and continuous rains. Once this is completed, however, Skyway 3 can be opened to the general public.

With this, it is hoped that travel time will be greatly reduced and even the Metro’s heavy gridlock will likewise be eased.

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