July 03, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

SMC’s Better World EDSA COVID-19 facility hopes to boost mass testing in the country

A couple of days ago, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) shared with us what its Better World Tondo facility has been doing to help maritime workers who have been stranded as they await their return to their respective provinces. In line with this feeding and financial program SMC just opened its Better World EDSA center, this time to aid in COVID-19 testing efforts.

Unveiled yesterday, the facility boasts of two sets of RT-PCR machines and a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system. This will allow the laboratory to process an average of 4,000 tests a day, which can be increased to 12,000 tests per day if needed.

This is meant to help the government reach its 50,000 epr day target, as well as reduce the strain on other testing facilities around the country. By the same token, the facility is also set to provide accurate testing for SMC’s 70,000 employees around the country.

With this, SMC once again takes one step closer to help in the fight against COVID-19.

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