September 12, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Soon to rise: San Miguel Corporation’s RSA Foundation hospital

The past few months have been tough on everyone, what with the spread of the virus and the consequent negative effects on the economy. Yet companies like San Miguel Corporation (SMC), through its RSA Foundation, has learned a thing or two—specifically being more equipped to handle such a crisis.

Case in point is the hospital being planned by RSA Foundation that will treat patients with various diseases and have research facilities to help combat such illnesses. More specifically, RSA Foundation envisions the facility to treat ambulatory patients who have illnesses that do not necessarily require hospital care yet still need immediate attention.

As for the research arm, it will focus mainly on infectious diseases. This will help equip the country’s healthcare system with the necessary information it needs to prepare for and battle any crisis that comes along.

The hospital is planned to rise on a 3-5 hectare property to be located south of the Metro. It will be equipped to handle and operate efficiently even during a crisis. As for the RSA Foundation, it was founded by SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon S. Ang to help better the lives of the Filipino people through various programs and projects.

With this, it is hoped that we will be better equipped to handle crises like COVID-19 in the following years.

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