March 16, 2023 By Francis G. Pallarco

Super Sprint Kicks Off 2023 Season

A fun and simple format designed specifically for participants who
have little or no racing experience is what makes Aisin Super Sprint a
uniquely enjoyable racing series. Its combination of low cost, high
safety levels, and thrilling action has made it a fan favorite since
its inaugural season in 2019. Four events are planned for 2023, with
the first race to be held on Sunday, March 19 at the R33 Drift Track
in San Simon, Pampanga.

Thanks to its focus on driver enjoyment and development, Super Sprint
offers car enthusiasts a different kind of motorsport experience.
Drivers race against the clock in a closed course, with the track
layout specifically designed to be safe but challenging. Participants
who arrive early also get coaching and assistance from race organizers
and volunteers, including champion racing driver Stefan Ramirez.

“Our goal is to create a safe and inclusive venue for anyone to
experience the joy of racing,” explains series co-founder Robert Tan.
“That means emphasizing safety, having low wait times, and having a
team that is ready to help beginners with tips and encouragement so
they can get the most out of the event.”

Super Sprint 2023 is presented by Aisin Engine Oils, and is supported
by Toyota Manila Bay , AutoPerformance Ph/Brembo Philippines, Riken,
Advics, ART, Walter Lights and Sounds, PartsPro, Runstop, Fabrix,
Aguila Auto Glass, Fix Stop, Brandaide, Edgesport, Cleanshine Master,
Riders Aide, Pegasus, Prautotype and Project Vector. For more
information about how to join or how to support Super Sprint, go to or email

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