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Thailand’s Leading Motorcycle Helmet Brand: Bilmola Helmets, now in the Philippines

Thailand’s leading helmet manufacturer is now expanding globally. With extended dealerships in Asia, also gaining traction in the US market by seeding British Superbike Racer Fraser Rogers saddled on Aprilia with awards to brag on Pirelli National Superstock Championship, on the other hand, Europe is now being eyed as the next region to launch Bilmola Helmets.

In the Philippines, Motoaccess is the central hub for Bilmola Philippines. The lightweight, design-quality, and safety-rated helmets can also be found from select Authorized Dealers all over the country. Not only do they offer safety and innovation, but also they stimulate the market with Sophisticated Design, Thai-Inspired, Graphics and popular Japanese Anime Collaborations that aim to capture the 90’s riding generation.

Safety, Innovation and Speed are the core values of Bilmola Helmets. Purpose comes first by giving attention to the quality of resistance to high impacts. Vents are carefully placed to do its job. Visors are clear and durable, with a lot of colored options, also with two locking system types. Most of their designs follow the principles of physics by choosing the teardrop shape as the most efficient aerodynamic form, minimal wind drag that buffets on high speed.

Let’s take a look at some of the Bimola Helmet range.

Explorer Flip-Up

Streamlined, sophisticated and one of the lightest modular helmets in the market. These key points make the Explorer a contender for the best-value flip ups today. The shell is small that makes it way better to fit most asian riders.

Veloce 420 Gold Matte

Don’t panic, it’s organic. Inspired by the plant of peace, love and happiness. Inhale and exhale bad vibes.

Veloce Baby Blue-Pink

The Veloce is the standard full face helmet with a 3-channel ventilation. Inspired by freedom, Veloce is designed with bad-ass babies in mind.

Veloce Zombie Green

Spooky and crazy. This design plays on cartoonish living dead characters.

Nex Polizia

The good vs the bad. A heist is witnessed and the men in uniform are after crooks. This lid is equipped with a dual visor fit for daytime use.

Rapid S Duck Off

When Bilmola released their most popular Mr. Duck with ‘Duck You”, it was followed through with “Duck Off”. Rapid S is one of the most aggressive looking helmets by Bilmola. With its signature matte rear spoiler and easy to use air vent mechanisms.

Rapid S DBZ Kamesennin

One of the most interesting characters of Dragon Ball Z is Kame-sennin (Turtle Sage or Master Roshi is a martial arts master with a perverted nature. Despite his age, he is strong and discreet about it. He trained Goku and Gohan to become the heroes that they are. The helmet is inspired by his tropical clothes and puffy white beard.

Rapid S DBZ Vegeta

The prince of the fallen Saiyan race, Vegeta started out as a villain. Egostical and full of pride, in pursuit of strength to surpass Goku, he is the anti-hero that later on sided to protect the earth. The helmet is inspired by the Super Saiyan Vegeta wearing the traditional Saiyan armor with blue jumpsuit.



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