September 01, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The 40,000th Flying Spur rolls out of Bentley’s home in Crewe

It began its life as the Continental Flying Spur—a fine mix of agility and limousine-like comfort and luxury. This was in 2005. Since then, the flagship Bentley has gone on to become the Flying Spur, with some 40,000 examples handcrafted since then.

Yes, Bentley Motors celebrates the production of its 40,000th Flying Spur by toasting to the model’s success. Taking its cue from a lineage that dates as far back as 1952, the svelte four-door has evolved into a model all its own.

From being associated with the Continental GT back in 2005, the luxury automobile has gone on to become known simply as the Flying Spur—to distinguish it from one of Crewe’s other fine offerings,. Since then, it has been sold in over 68 markets around the world, with the largest ones being China and the United States.

What’s even more amazing is that each one of the 40,000 examples are hand built by a 250-strong team of designers, engineers, and craftspeople who follow some of the most exacting standards in the industry. No less than a hundred or so quality checks are made after each car is put together and queued up for delivery to its owner.

And we can expect even more Flying Spurs leaving Bentley’s Crewe home, with the same attention to detail that has been the marque’s hallmark ever since.

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