December 10, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The Bentley Blower Continuation Series brings a classic back to life

Amidst all the new cars being unveiled, there is a growing trend that sees a fair amount of classics being restored. One of these is the Bentley Blowe from the 1920s.

Car Zero—the prototype that signals the launch of a limited run Blower, lovingly restored by Bentley Mulliner. The Continuation Series, as it is known will only have an ultra exclusive 12 examples, all of which have already been pre sold.

Being a prototype, Project Car Zero is purely a test bed that will undergo rigorous trials for durability, reliability, and the like. Painted in Gloss Black with an Oxblood Red interior, the car, along with the 12 customer cars, follows exacting specifications based on the 4 original Blower models raced by Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin from the 1920s.

More specifically, it is made up of 1,846 parts, 230 of which are assemblies that make up the engine and other mechanical systems. These are all crafted and created by hand by Bentley Motors. It takes its cue from the Bentley Team Car of the 1920s with with Chassis HB 3403, engine SM 3902, registration UU 5872, Team Car #2.

During its day, the Bentley Blower was one of the most celebrated cars that participated in a number of rallies and motorsport events. The Bentley Blower Continuation Series is the first time it has been produced in 90 years, once again bringing to life this icon from the Crewe-based luxury carmaker.

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