November 24, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

The BT-50 4×4 Pangolin is Mazda PH’s way of protecting the critically endangered Pangolin

Have you ever heard of an animal called the Pangolin? This is a mammal that is considered to be part of the critically endangered species list and can only be found on the island of Palawan. Now, it is part of Mazda Philippines’ advocacy that aims to make people more aware of its existence and importance to our environment and biodiversity.

According to Katala Foundation, a Non-Government Organization that seeks to protect the Pangolin and other endangered species, this rare breed of animal has been hunted down by indiscriminate poachers for its supposedly medicinal properties. This, in turn, has caused its numbers to dwindle drastically.

To this end, Mazda Philippines has teamed up with Katala Foundation to help protect the Pangolin and hopefully, remove it from the critically endangered list. The Mazda BT-50 4×4 Pangolin has been designed to spread awareness with its decals that depict the creature by the same name.

Complementing the decals are a set of specially designed ROTA alloy rims that have been made specifically for this cause. Proudly Philippine made, the ROTA wheels are enhanced by a sturdy roof rack, as well as a specially made sports bar on the reinforced pick-up bed.

Inside, the black leather seats are matched with a lether-wrapped steering wheel, a 7-inch JVC infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a spacious cabin.

More than just looking good, however, the Mazda BT-50 4×4 Pangolin is one capable animal with its 3.2-liter 5-cylinder turbodiesel engine with 200bhp and 347lb-ft of torque. This allows it to haul up to 1,086kg on its 1,214-liter bed. Plus, its 800mm water wading depth mean it can tackle most any condition thrown at it, whether in in the urban jungle or out in the great outdoors.

And this is what 1 unit of the BT-50 4×4 Pangolin will be doing for around a year. The said truck will be loaned by Mazda Philippines to Katala Foundation for use in its conservation efforts. It’s Mazda’s way of helping out the cause of preserving rare species like the Pangolin.

The Mazda BT-50 4×4 Pangolin has a special introductory price of P1,400,0000—a P150,000 discount from the regular pick-up’s sticker price. With this, you not only get a capable truck but are telling the world you care about the Pangolin and other endangered species.

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