August 08, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Chery Arrizo 5e: a relatively affordable fully EV you can order now

We’ve seen a couple of pure electric vehicles enter our market within the past few months. First was the Porsche Taycan, followed by the Jaguar I-Pace. But these are high end vehicles that are priced up there. Chery Auto Philippines, however, might just change the game with its new Arrizo 5e fully electric vehicle, which debuted recently.

With an estimated pricetag of P1.9 million, buyers get the full EV experience without the high cost of acquisition. It packs a 53.6kWh lithium ion battery that’s good for a driving range of between 400-500ms between charges. This means you only need to top up the battery once a week if you drive for around 50kms a day.

Thanks to a permanent magnet synchronous motor that puts out 160bhp and 184lb-ft of torque, this car can go from 0-50km/h in 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 150km/h. But while this car isn’t about speed, it is about being environment friendly. As for charging, fast charges take around 30 minutes when going from 30 to 80 percent while regular top ups take around 7-8 hours. It also has regenerative braking that recovers energy for charging, along with Eco and Sport modes to suit different driving styles

Moreover, the Chery Arrizo 5e doesn’t look like a spaceship or a golf cart but an aerodynamic sedan with clean lines. The interior is likewise lined with leather for that upscale touch.

It’s also got cutting-edge tech like a 9-inch infotainment touchscreen, an 8-inch screen for manipulating functions like climate settings, electric parking brake, 360 degree camera, wireless smartphone charging port, and tire pressure monitor, among others.

Safety systems include 6 SRS airbags, ABS, and Electronic Stability Control 9.0 from Bosch.

A relatively affordable EV? Chery Auto Philippines says why not? The Chery Arrizo 5e is now available on an indent order basis.

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