February 19, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

The City of Marikina can now experience what the Suzuki Super Carry has to offer

The City of Marikina will get to experience the capability and versatility of Suzuki’s small yet truly capable Super Carry as the Japanese carmaker loaned it to the LGU for a period of time.

After a simple turnover ceremony held earlier this month, the Marikina City local government will be able to make use of 3 variants of the Super Carry. These are the UV, Pick-up, and FILCAB.

Each of these vehicles will be able to serve the LGU’s various needs, such as carrying cargo, ferrying residents in need of a ride, and the like. Each variant is equipped with a fuel efficient engine that provides adequate power to meet various requirements.

With this, the Marikina City government is confident that it will be able to carry out its duties even better with the aid of Suzuki\s little workhorse.

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