October 15, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The Cullinan takes Rolls-Royce to the Arabian Desert

It used to be that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars were relegated to the urban landscape. And for the most part, they still are. Yet ever since the British luxury marque unveiled the Cullinan, it has dared to tread new ground, just like what one of its patrons did when he took his ride through the Arabian Desert.

Putting the Effortless Everywhere tagline to the test, this adventurous owner of a Sapphire Black Cullinan braved the harsh and unforgiving surfaces of the desert. Here, the Rolls-Royce of SUVs seemed to be in its element, gliding through the sand dunes with the greatest of ease.

Its Magic Carpet Ride, was unperturbed, even showing grace, says Rolls-Royce. While the outside temperatures were scorching and the terrain was truly harsh, occupants were cossetted in the lap of ultimate luxury—just as a true Rolls-Royce provides.

With this, Rolls-Royce has proven that it can now go anywhere and take on any adventure its patrons wish to embark on. And they can do so in style and the utmost luxury.

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