January 05, 2018 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

The Evolution of Hyundai – From steel to street

If you happen to be in Korea with time to spare, Hyundai Motor Studio in Goyang should be on your bucketlist

A decade ago, Hyundai was known in the Phillipines as the Korean manufacturer that offered affordable diesel vehicles like the family-friendly Starex, the starter car Accent, and the bang-for-buck SUV Santa-Fe. No one would have guessed that this same company would be making sports cars, luxury vehicles, and even participate in motorsports in just 10 years. But here we are, Hyundai doing all of the mentioned, and more.

Hyundai had its humble beginnings dating back to 1947 as a construction company, but it is because of these same beginnings that make them what they are today. When you find out that they used to make cars, ships, and computers, it is no wonder that Hyundai is using a lot of robots in their production line. For the sake of tradecraft, Hyundai doesn’t allow anyone from the outside to visit their production line, but with the recent opening of the Hyundai Motor Studio in Goyang, Korea, you won’t need to go to the actual factory to see how it’s done.

The Hyundai Motor Studio, Goyang was made not only to show how they make cars, but to also show their visions of the future. It is located northwest of Seoul with a travel time of around 30 minutes. Designed by Austria’s world-renowned architecture firm DMAA (Delugan Meissl Associated Architects) under the concept of ‘shaped sky’, the first and second floor of Hyundai MotorStudio Goyang is surrounded by glass, making the third floor appear to be floating like a spaceship. Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang covers a total of 16,719 square meters, consisting of fourteen floors, with nine floors above ground and four basement floors.

Inside the floors were more than just displays, but also a theme park-like experience that can be enjoyed and appreciated through all ages on how they make a Hyundai vehicle from the iron ore to the final product along with everything in between. There is even a section with a 4D WRC experience. Whether you are alone or with your kids, it is something that can be enjoyed through all ages. I remember the section where you get to choose the color for the robot arm to paint the car with. Of course, it was a clever use of LED screens, but is a sight to see for sure.

To visit, you will have to make a reservation through their website. It ensures however, a very comfortable and pleasurable viewing experience, which if you ask me is worth making a trip for. If you’re having a trip to Korea and you can spare half a day to visit the Hyundai Motor Studio in Goyang, it is something to consider especially if you have a Hyundai car or are considering buying one.

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