April 28, 2021 By Gerard Jude Castillo

The futuristic Lexus LF-Z EV could have an interior rooted in art or fashion

A few weeks ago, Lexus unveiled its latest concept, the LF-Z, which signals the brand’s electrified future. Apparently, the concept car is more than just a future EV study as Lexus shows us that its a synergy of art, fashion, and technology.

Yes, the Lexus LF-Z features an interior that brings together the worlds of art, fashion, innovation, and technology. The Japanese luxury automaker commissioned 3 leading creatives to create different design studies that showcase what’s possible in vehicle interiors in the near future.

Shoe designer Salehe Bembury uses colors inspired by sandstone landscapes and other natural tones, setting aside traditionally futuristic materials in favor of natural materials like cedar, cork and granite.

Take for instance Salehe Bambury who created an interior fusing natural materials and color. His work includes the use of colors like sandstone, as well as natural materials like cedar, cork, or granite. He also came up with hairy suede seatbacks that bring something different yet natural to the table.

Ondrej Zunka’s concept car features space-age mechanisms, sci-fi materials and multidimensional hues that transcend both time and space.

Then there is the work of Ondrej Zanka that reinforces the LF-Z’s futuristic vibe. His virtual interior brings together innovative technologies such as intelligent lighting that runs along the interior panels, emitting a visceral mood effect; translucent silicone seats with memory foam that adhere to the shape of one’s body; and a panoramic ceiling made from brushed chrome that brightens up the interior even futher. All told, this one may use technology. But it does so in a warm way—the Lexus way.

Tokyo-based fashion label Hender Scheme imagines an entirely leather interior juxtaposed with the concept vehicle’s groundbreaking technology. The untreated, organic material will develop a “patina” over time, deepening in color and becoming unique to each vehicle.

Tokyo-based design label Hender Scheme, meanwhile, puts forth its leather-based interior that it says is rooted in Japanese heritage. What this essentially means is crafting different kinds and colors of leather to come up with a space that’s artistically designed with attention to detail and a warmth reflecting Lexus’s own hospitality.

While each of these interior design studies is unique in their own way, Lexus says that each one is firmly rooted in the values of Takumi craftsmanship. This means every detail is put together with passion for perfection.

Sure, the Lexus LF-Z may only be a design study, whose parts may be realized as early as 2025. Yet it’s interesting to see just how artfully and tastefully interiors may become in the years to come—technology notwithstanding.

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