April 21, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

The Lexus ES: Refined and masterfully crafted over 7 generations

As far as the Lexus lineup goes, the ES is considered as being one of the pioneers of the brand, which made its global debut in 1989. But what exactly does one get when choosing the ES midsize sedan?

Now on its 7th-generation, the latest iteration may offers the latest technologies such as a more rigid GA-K platform, advanced noise canceling materials and technologies, and connectivity options.

Despite this, the Lexus ES still offers one of the smoothest rides in the business. Apart from the aforementioned platform, the drivetrain itself, along with the noise canceling technologies and insulation materials promise a truly relaxing yet still dynamic vibe.

Another long time attribute the ES serves up is Takumi master craftsmanship, which offers omotenashi or Japanese hospitality and fine art masterpieces that make it one of the most refined rides, especially on the inside. All this wrapped in a dynamic and stylish body that’s striking and attractive.

This is backed by 7 generations of the nameplate, which first entered the scene together with Lexus’s own global reveal in 1989. This gives one the confidence of being backed by a solid brand and nameplate cache, which has slowly evolved into a modern offering that still has the well-loved attributes that made it a name to reckon with in the industry.

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