February 20, 2021 By Gerard Jude Castillo

The Lexus Hybrid system: From efficiency to offering the best of both worlds

It all began in 2004 when the first Lexus hybrid vehicle, the RX400h, entered the global market. Since then, the Lexus brand has been synonymous with hybrid propulsion in the premium car segment with some 2 million examples worldwide.

Combining the practicality of an SUV with the efficient, self-charging properties of a gas-electric hybrid system, the RX400h was only the beginning. This was followed by a slew of models in the Lexus range that include its sedans, crossovers, and even its sporty offerings like the RC.

What’s notable about the Lexus hybrid system is that it does not require owners to plug it to a socket to charge the battery. This is done via regenerative breaking and charging while the gasoline engine is in use. You can run on full electric power for a short distance or while idling in traffic. Once you need more power, however, the system will seamlessly shift to gasoline propulsion.

With advances in technology, Lexus has introduced its Multi-Stage Hybrid System that takes the best traits of its earlier technology and puts in a lot more driving fun. This essentially means you can have the power of a performance machine along with the efficiency of that self-charging system that lets you go around town in smooth, quiet EV mode. Moreover, that electric motor acts as an assist system to provide more punch for those spirited bursts of speed.

This can be seen in such offerings as the latest IS300 Hybrid that was developed at Lexus’ own Shimoyama Technical Center where it was honed to be both sporty and efficient.

Yes, the purveyor of hybrids in the premium segment has now given us the best of both worlds. One

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