November 19, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The Mitsubishi L300 has many faces to meet your various business needs

The Mitsubishi L300 has always been one of the most versatile vehicles in the market. It’s a business tool that can be used as a school bus, ambulance, or a hauler of various goods. With the pandemic and lockdown, however, we now see a few new faces of this erstwhile offering.

With the demand for goods boost online, there is likewise a clamor for delivery services. This is where the Mitsubishi L300 comes in as its large cargo area and versatile configuration make it an ideal vehicle for this purpose. You can either pack a load of boxes or grocery bags in the back or specify a dedicated cargo box on a cab and chassis platform.

Then there are the Rolling Stores that let you sell food or other items from the back of you L300. There is more than enough room for a mini refrigerator to keep things fresh.

And of course, the Company Shuttle is the answer for workers who find it hard to commute to and from work. The L300 in passenger carrying form can seat around 10 passengers while still observing social distancing protocols.

Yet however you spec your L300, Mitsubishi is offering huge discounts via its extended Rollback promo. Get as much as P106,000 in discounts until the end of November. So contact your nearest Mitsubishi dealer to find out more about the L300 and how you can configure it to meet your needs.

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