September 22, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The Mitsubishi L300 is more than just your typical workhorse

Some people even consider it as part of the family

It may look like a no-nonsense workhorse of a vehicle. And this the Mitsubishi L300 actually is. Yet looks can be deceiving, they say. Yet the L300 has so much more to offer.

Since its introduction some 30 years ago, the Mitsubishi L300 has been a part of many a business and even a member of the family. Mr. William Yu, for instance, has been a proud member of an L300 for many years now. The owner of a hardware store, he and his family consider it to be a member of their own brood.

This could be seen when their youngest son, Ernest, bought back their L300 from an uncle who had purchased it several years prior due to a financial crisis that struck the family. For Ernest and the Yu family, its reliability, versatility, and dependability whenever they need it cannot be replaced. Ernest is so proud of the L300 that he now holds the post of President of the L300 Enthusiast Club.

Mr. Ernest Yu

Just like Yu and his steed fondly called Legend, Mr. Jessie Cabral saw something really special in the erstwhile Mitsubishi van. He admits it was not his first choice when he was shopping for a service for his delivery business. Its tough yet easy to live with and maintain ways, however, have endeared it to the current L300 Enthusiast Club Vice President.

Both gentlemen have used their L300s for outreach programs, even more so during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. The vans have been serving as frontliner shuttle service. And with a 2.2-liter Euro-4 compliant diesel motor with 97bhp and 147lb-ft of torque, it can haul more than its fair share of people and cargo.

With a savings of P106,000 for the month of September, this versatile and hardworking ride has become even more attractive. For 30 years and with 200,000 units produced at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation’s Santa Rosa, Laguna plant, the L300 is more than just your typical workhorse. It is an integral part of Philippine society.

Mr. Jessie Cabral

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