November 25, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The Neon Nights Collection adds color to Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge

There has always been this notion that the Rolls-Royce Black Badge collection has to be finished in black. Apparently, this isn’t necessarily the case, says the British luxury brand as it presents the limited run Neon Nights collection to give some color to the Black Badge.

The collection will be made up of the Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan that will come in just 4 examples per car. And yes, we’re not talking about black paint but truly eye catching hues.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge, for instance, comes in Lime Rock Green. This rather unique shade of green draws inspiration from the Australian Green tree found in Tamworth. It is matched by Scivaro Grey leather with Lime Rock Green stitching and looping accents for the interior.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge’s Eagle Rock Red scheme takes inspiration from the Hawaii-native Ohi’a tree. Its Selby Grey leather interior is complemented by Koi Red accents.

And then there is the Cullinan Black Badge. Its Mirabeau Blue exterior and Lime Green accents on Arctic White seats take their cue from the Rhetus Periander butterfly, also known as the Periander metalmark from South America.

Either way, each car gets the Technical Fiber with graphic treatment to provide a splash of vibrancy and color. And as mentioned above, this will be a limited run for those clients bold enough to show off their true colors.

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