November 24, 2021 By Gerard Jude Castillo

The new Hino 300 series makes work a tad more convenient

The words Light Duty Truck is almost always associated with a gruff, no-nonsense workhorse. Something that requires effort from the driver to get the job done. But what if Hino Motors Philippines told you that this need not be the case. Enter its new Hino 300 series with a fully automatic transmission.

Yes, you read that right: a fully automatic gearbox for a light-duty work truck. This spells convenience for the driver who will spend long hours on the open road or in heavy city traffic. Less or even no rowing of gears to make life just a tad stress-free.

Moreover, the Hino 300 offers lower maintenance costs, along with equally less fuel consumption. The latter is attributed to a more consistent driving style as opposed to a similar system that requires the driver to do the gear changes.

Speaking of convenience, the Hino 300 series with automatic transmission also packs features like an entertainment system, 4-piece air-conditioning system, and power windows. Plus, safety features like SRS airbags and ABS come with the truck.

But don’t let the convenience features fool you into thinking this truck can’t hack it. Business owners can choose gross vehicle weights ranging from 3,800kg to 8,500kg with engine outputs that range from 136bhp to 150bhp. In short, there’s a light truck that’s perfect for your business.

So go ahead and make life a bit easier for your drivers with the new Hino 300 Series with automatic transmission. Consider it an incentive for all the hard work these guys put in for your trade.

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