January 27, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

The new Michelin Agilis 3 offers better performance and increased cost savings

When running a fleet or even a single vehicle, business owners often look for tires that will not only give them the best mileage but savings as well. Unfortunately, some tend to resort to false savings by using cheap rubber that somehow compromises safety. Michelin may just have a solution in the form of its new Agilis 3 tire.

Unveiled earlier today, Michelin Agilis 3 is specially designed for light duty trucks and light commercial vehicles and offers new technologies that serve up better performance and long term cost savings.

One of the core technologies offered by Agilis 3 is a Stone Ejector that helps prevent stone trapping in the tread. Then there is the Sidewall Shield that gives an extra layer of protection without compromising flexibility for added comfort. The rubber compound itself is now made of higher density silica and carbon black for better grip in the wet, along with fuel savings and increased tread life.

Apart from these, the tire also features U-shaped grooves for longer lasting wet grip. It likewise has Full Depth Slipes that help ensure increased wet surface grip when new and more importantly when the tire is worn. And all this is finished off by an Undertread that keeps operating temperatures lower for longer lasting tread life and safer driving.

All told, the new Michelin Agilis 3 promises business owners a safe and surefooted contact patch on the road while offering better performance that can likewise help them save money in the long run with better fuel consumption and longer tire life.

The Michelin Agilis 3 is now available at your authorized Michelin dealer.

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