August 01, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The new NGK lithium ion battery can operate up to 105 degrees Celsuis without a hitch

For car enthusiasts, the name NGK is synonymous with spark plugs. But those who really know the Japanese brand are aware that it is likewise a maker of battery cells for various applications. And its latest technological breakthrough is a lithium ion battery that can withstand temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsuis.

The EnerCera, as it is called, is an improvement over the already impressive development that was announced last December. That battery cell was capable of operating between -40 to 85 degrees Celsuis. This means the new pack can still operate efficiently despite high temperatures.

This was achieved due to the battery’s unique structure wherein a small amount of electrolyte is added to its ceramic stacked monolithic body with electrodes and a separator. In plain English, this simply means that the semi solid state EnerCera boasts of really high thermal effiency.

Moreover, its coin structure means it can be mounted on a circuit board using reflow soldering or mounted through injection molding. Either way, it’s now more flexible and can serve a wider range of uses and applications.

Speaking of applications, NGK says the EnerCera coin lithium ion battery will be most effective in automotive and industrial applications, particularly in the Internet of Things field. And its higher temperature threshold equates to greater efficiency under extreme loads.

NGK sways mass production will begin in September of this year.

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