September 24, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost: Post Opulent space

For quite a number of people, automotive luxury can be defined by how much space one’s vehicle has. This is particularly true for rear seat legroom. So it comes as no surprise that Rolls-Royce gives the world the new Ghost Extended.

Taking its cue from the Post Opulent luxury of the Ghost that was launched a few weeks ago, the Ghost Extended adds 170mm of length to its flanks. This naturally translates to more rear seat space.

Yet going beyond simply stretching the car’s wheelbase, the Home of Rolls-Royce listened to customers who requested that they be given a car that can be a comfortable chauffeur-driven limousine on the weekday yet can easily transform into a serene yet still capable driver’s car once the weekend comes around.

The result is the Ghost Extended that retains the simple lines of the standard wheelbase model while only extending the rear doors and the area around the door aperture. This gives more room for the first-ever Reclining Serenity seat to fully optimize the space available for occupants to relax in first-class comfort.

The added space also gave engineers the opportunity to provide a Champagne refrigerator between the rear seats that cools your bubbly to the ideal temperature. The cabin itself is kept clean by a new Micro Environment Purification System that ensures that even the smallest impurities are filtered out so occupants breathe nothing but clean air.

Of course, additional rear seat legroom means having to tweak the suspension a bit to ensure a Magic Carpet Ride as only Rolls-Royce motor cars can give. Riding on the Architecture of Luxury, the Ghost Extended features continuously variable electronically controlled shock absorbers, high volume air strut assemblies, and the Ghost-first upper wishbone dampers to provide that floating yet still agile-handling ride.

This piece of technology is matched by laser headlights up front, complemented by vision assist and other driver aids to ensure safety on every journey.

Power is provided by the trademark 6.75-liter twin turbo V12 with 571bhp and 627lb-ft of torque. The ultra silent motor provides smooth yet still potent thrust for any road condition.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended is for the new breed of customers who want the best of both worlds—comfortable ultra-spacious back seat yet still engaging to drive. Customer deliveries will begin in early 2021.


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