January 14, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

The Nissan Futures webinar will give us a peek into what’s in store in our automotive future

There’s no denying the importance of transportation in our daily lives. Cars, buses, and even motorcycles are vital to progress and how we get around. Yet there’s also no escaping the fact that these pose a risk to our health. Carmakers like Nissan, however, believe that all is not lost, which is why it is organizing Nissan Futures on February 4, 2021.

With this year’s theme focusing on Electrifying 250 million cars: An impossible dream?, the Nissan Futures webinar hopes to not only show how electrification can alleviate or even solve this problem. It likewise hopes to get everyone involved and make it a reality and not just a pipe dream.

According to the World Health Organization, vehicle noise pollution and air pollution are the top 2 health risks many ASEAN cities face today. Vehicular noise levels have been pegged at an average of 83db, which is around 50 percent higher than WHO’s recommended levels for ensuring a person’s health and well being.

With electrification, however, Nissan believes that both these problems can be solved. Which is why it will bring together government officials, industry executives, private individuals, and other stakeholders during the Nissan Futures webinar to fill them in on how it and other industry players are doing to reach this goal of an electrified, and healthy automotive future.

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