September 16, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The Nissan Z Proto is a preview of things to come for the iconic Z car

A slew of teasers about the next-generation Nissan Z car have been showing up over the past few months. After all, the current iteration is a good 11 years old. Well, all this has led to what you see here, the Nissan Z Proto.

Before you head over to your Nissan dealer to purchase one, do keep in mind that the Proto moniker is actually short for prototype. Yes, this is just a concept, a sneak preview of things to come. But as far as prototypes go, it’s a fairly accurate rendition of the production version.

Things like the squared off grille, elongated headlamps, hood, blacked out elements at the rear, and that bright yellow paintwork are all reminiscent of Z cars past. These are mixed with modern cues like carbon fiber bits on the side skirts and rear diffuser, as well as 19-inch alloy rims.

Inside, the modernized cabin layout is interspersed with Z logos and other sporty elements. The 12.3-inch instrument cluster is complemented by a 9-inch touchscreen and three rounded gauges that add a racy touch. And yes, this is strictly a two-seater like all Z cars.

While Nissan has not given any details about horsepower and displacement figures, it did reveal that a V6 motor paired with a 6-speed manual will propel the new Z car. An automatic transmission is also in the works, the Japanese carmaker says.

Yes, the new Z car is indeed coming. We can expect it to hit Nissan dealerships next year.

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