March 05, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is your practical all-electric sport wagon

Imagine taking the underpinnings and driving characteristics of the all-electric Porsche Taycan and combining them with a more practical wagon body. This is exactly what the German sports carmaker did with its all-new Taycan Cross Turismo, which just made its world debut.

Of course, Porsche didn’t just slap on a sporty, sexy long roof body and call it at day. In true Porsche fashion, it re-engineered certain elements to make the most of both performance and practicality. While it still uses the same 800V battery with capacity of up to 93.4kWh, it now fits the Cross Turismo with all-wheel drive as standard.

Whether you get the base Taycan Cross Turismo 4 or the higher-spec 4S, you get two permanently excited synchronous electric motors (one for each axle) that can provide anywhere from 375- to 469bhp. These figures allow the all-electric wagon to rocket from 0-100km/h in either 4.7- or 2.7 seconds, depending on output.

Charging can also be done either with a standard 11kw charger that allows one to hit 100kms with just 5 minutes of topping up, or an optional 22kw charger. Either way, you’re given easy access to the charging cables and can easily manage charging using your phone.

The Taycan Cross Turismo’s practical side is seen from its additional space in terms of both passenger and crgo carrying capacity. Occupants get more headroom both front and back. Cargo volume, meanwhile, is pegged at up to 1,200L. And don’t forget you’ve got a frunk and also have the option of an aerodynamically optimized roof box.

Speaking of roof boxes, the new Cross Turismo has been designed to traverse not just high speed pavement but hit light trails as well. It’s about 20mm higher than the standard Taycan, which can be raised even further with Gravel Mode. Apart from increasing the air suspension’s height, Gravel Mode tweaks torque and traction management systems to maximize grip on either gravel or muddy surfaces.

In short, you can go from all-electric sports car to treading on rough patches of earth with ease. All while emitting zero tailpipe fumes.

The new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo will hit dealerships around the 3rd quarter of 2021.

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