January 11, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The Subaru Forester’s many faces: Compact crossover gets a GT Edition and xBoxer hybrid version

The Forester has always been the Subaru for the practical set.

Family men, for instance, choose it because they want to experience the driving dynamics of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and that boxer engine, yet need the space to be along a couple of child seats.

Yet admittedly, the last few generations of the nameplate have become a tad too, shall we say, safe?

We refer to the looks. This is not helped in any way by the demise of the XT or turbo variant.

Motor Image, however, seems to want to let the world know that the Forester is a viable choice as it gives us a stylish GT Edition and a potent yet earth-friendly xBoxer model.

Both variants debuted at this year’s Singapore Motor Show and showcase what makes the brand appealing to enthusiasts.

The Forester GT Edition, for instance, is styled by no less than Giken Co Ltd and Mr. Masahiko “jack” Kobayashi. It features bits like front and rear lip extensions, side skirts, and a roof spoiler. Taking its cue from the XV GT Edition, the look is completed by specially-designed leather seats, an 8-inch Display Audio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and an Around View Monitor.

Subaru Forester GT Edition

In this age of hybrid and electric vehicles, Subaru throws its entry into the ring with the launch of the Forester xBoxer in Singapore.

As the name suggests, it is a hybrid version of the erstwhile compact crossover that utilizes a horizontally-opposed “boxer” gasoline engine paired with an electric motor powered by a lithium ion battery. The power generated by the gas-electric combo is naturally sent to all four wheels via Symmetrical Al-Wheel Drive.

Subaru says that these bits, coupled with the rear mounted battery pack make for even weight distrubition.  This, in turn, give it the driving chracteristics that Subarus are best known for.

The Subaru Forester GT Edition and xBoxer are on sale in Singapore now. Here’s hoping both models arrive on our shores real soon.

Subaru Frester xBoxer

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