July 16, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The Toyota Hiace Cargo is ready to carry your goods

The Toyota Hiace has always been known as a people mover, being able to transport a large number of warm bodies in one go. But did you know that it has likewise been offered as a cargo van in other markets? Now, Toyota Motor Philippines caters to transport services with the introduction of the Hiace Cargo.

With the demand for vehicles that are able to safely transport goods, Toyota Motor Philippines takes on this challenge and puts forward its erstwhile Hiace. With its large enclosed dimensions, the Hiace once again shows off its flexibillity as it provides a wide open space to meet business owners’ needs.

And while the body may still be that of the previous generation, it still provides the aforementioned enclosed space that most business owners look for to transport goods securely.

The new Toyota Hiace Cargo retails for P1,101,000.

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