October 23, 2019 By Carl S. Cunanan Photos by the author and Lexus Press

The World Premier of the Lexus LF-30 Concept Car

Exciting and Electric

The new Lexus LF-30 Electrified Concept Vehicle brings in just the right stance. Right posture, to be precise. This fully electric vehicle brings to the world the company’s vision of how they choose to look at electrification. And they choose exciting.
The new concept car premiering now at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show brings changes in the internals, the externals, and the attitude. The exterior gives us a glimpse of what to expect with their electric vehicles going into the next decade. Now that engines no longer need to inhabit such a large portion of the vehicle, design is allowed to take leaps never previously possible. The interior combines the flexibilites allowed by electrification while also preparing the environment that will be both permitted and demanded by the implementation of autonomous driving systems. In terms of taking this stunning new vehicle along the road, power will be produced by four in-wheel electric motors. This choice makes possible the ability to more finely tune power and handling characteristics. Combined with four-wheel steering, this should provide a very high level of control. Lexus is also highlighting their Advanced Posture Control, which works with the four electric motors and regulates their torque and output individually and specifically. This in particular is a technology that will see its way into other vehicles as they come online.
Other key points for this stunning new launch vehicle include steer-by-wire technology and a wireless charging system. Artificial Intelligence will be used to manage all the different energy demands and supplies.
Many wonder what the new technologies and indeed new methods of propulsion will do to the cars we love. Lexus has decided that they may be different vehicles, we may use them and direct them in different ways, but they will still stir our hearts. They clearly intend to move in ways more than just physical.

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