September 12, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

There are now 500,000 proud Nissan LEAF owners around the world

It’s been almost a decade since Nissan first introduced the LEAF fully electric vehicle. Now, the Japanese carmaker marks the 500,000th LEAF to roll off the assembly line.

The 500,000th LEAF was put together at Nissan’s Sunderland, United Kingdom factory where some 175,000 LEAF units have been built since 2013. The milestone vehicle is now owned by Maria Jansen from Norway.

Maria, just like other happy LEAF owners, is very excited about the first mass market EV. It may be a zero emissions vehicle yet it is still easy to drive and maintain, say numerous owners from around the world.

It is on surprise that the LEAF has garnered such awards as the Car of the Year in Japan, Car of the Year in Europe, and the World Car of the Year—all of which were bestowed on it in 2011. These are testaments to the kind of quality and engineering that goes into the cutting-edge EV.

And Nissan says it is only the beginning. With the Ariya fully electric SUV recently making its debut, we can expect more EVs from Nissan in the years to come.

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