March 04, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

This is what you will need to shell out in Safeguard Import Duties on a new Honda

Amidst the slew of price increases being put forth by different automakers in response to the Department of Trade and Industry’s Safeguard Import Duty, Honda Cars Philippines chooses to put its customers first by making it easier for them to pay for their new purchase while still complying with the measure.

HCPI will still ask customers purchasing a new vehicle for a cash deposit that will be used for the additional Safeguard Import Duty. It will, however, be a lot les than what is required by the measure, which includes VAT. As a reference, all imported passenger cars are subject to an additional P70,000 duty while imported light commercial vehicles are taxed an additional P110,000.

Honda’s prices and deposits are as follows:

It will likewise issue a separate statement and list for other models. Stay tuned for that one at a later date.

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