May 28, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Nissan’s way of helping the world cope with the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis may have put the world on hold. Yet companies like Nissan Motor Co Ltd continue to move forward, doing its bid to help those fighting the crisis, whether at the frontlines or in their own personal way.

For indeed, we all are fighting to stave off the dreaded effects of this pandemic in our own little or big way. For most of us, it’s practicing good hygiene and taking steps like washing our hands, to risking one’s life for the survival of another.

For Nissan, it has initiatives such as re-tooling its plants to produce face shields, protective gowns, and the like. What’s interesting about Nissan’s move is that it uses 3D printing for the face shields and packing sheets for the gowns. Just another way of showing its ingenuity.

Nissan has also partnered with other companies like China’s Dongfeng to produce mask-making machines. It has likewise tied up with partners in various countries to come up with solutions that would help more people cope more easily with the crisis.

And of course, being a mobility company means it keeps people moving despite the lockdown. This is especially true for frontliners who need to be mobile in order to save a life. The UK, for instance, has a program called Keeping Heroes Moving, pertaining to frontliners who are assisted in their mobility needs during these crucial times.

Yes, life goes on for Nissan and those that it has helped. And as we move into the new normal, Nissan hopes that we continue moving forward, as safely as possible.

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