July 08, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

The New Mercedes-Benz S-Class will come with cutting-edge technology

The folks over at Mercedes-Benz have not been shy about saying that it will be revealing its all-new S-Class in September. It has even sent out a teaser image and info about the car. Today, it broadcast the first of a three-part series explaining what we can expect from the upcoming generation of its flagship sedan.

The first episode featured the technology that will be seen in the W223 S-Class. Unlike the current-generation W222 model, which in itself is already ultra high tech, the upcoming one will be deleting a lot of the physical controls that usually manipulate various functions like seats, lights, and the like.

Sure, the headlights and wipers will still use the traditional switchgear but most other functions will be controlled on the up to five screens that will be found on the new car. These include the driver’s display, a 12.8-inch portrait-style infotainment system, and up to 3 displays in the rear seat.

Several new technologies make this set up even more special. Rear seat occupants can, for instance, control even more functions such as navigation and adjusting the heated seats up front. The drive can also easily transfer info displayed on the main screen to a specific monitor in the back. And the rear seat occupants can now easily control the new MyMBUX sytem using voice commands.

The latest version of the company’s Mercedes-Benz User Experience now recognizes up to 27 languages and even more natural speech patterns. And yes, it uses microphones scattered throughout the cabin to let all occupants turn up the heat, change ambient lighting, and tell it to perform other tasks without fuss.

As for the driver, he or she will get a new Head-Up display with Augmented Reality. This will make the usual display a lot more interesting and helpful. It can even provide arrows and signs to aid the driver in certain situations—all projected on the windshield for safer driving.

This tech showcase is only the beginning as two more episodes will be broadcast within the next month, before the grand reveal in September. Stay tuned for all these.

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