June 23, 2022 By Gerard Jude Castillo

This is what the all-new Honda CR-V’s interior looks like

Those folks who have  been keeping tabs on the current-generation CR-V will know that Honda’s compact crossover is now a good five years old. In automotive terms, this almost always means it’s time for a full model change. And this is what Honda seems to be up to. Or at least that’s what the teaser photo suggests.

We refer to the photo of what Honda says is the next-generation CR-V’s interior.  While the Japanese carmaker didn’t reveal too many details to go with the photo, one can clearly see that it takes a lot of styling cues from the current-generation Honda Civic.

No surprise there are the CR-V essentially shares a host of bits, particularly its architecture, with Honda’s erstwhile compact sedan. Of course, some things such as the placement of cupholders and switchgear have been moved around to give the CR-V cabin a look and feel of its own.

As for powertrains, Honda is likewise mum about this. Yet it might be safe to say that it will use the Civic’s 1.5-liter turbo in certain markets. Ours might be the 1.6-liter diesel, which has been the highlight of the 5th-generation CR-V currently being sold in showrooms.

For now, this is all we know. Yet Honda did say that it will be launching the all-new CR-V globally within the next few weeks. Stick around for that one. 

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