April 24, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

This Rolls-Royce Dawn is inspired by architecture

Rolls-Royce and its Bespoke Collective have always been inspired by various facets of life. Fine art, nature, and even outer space are jsut some of the things that set the stage for some of the most unique designs in the luxury scene. Now, Rolls-Royce creates Dawn inspired by architecture.

The Bespoke Collective collaborated with Japanese architect Kengo Kumi, designer of the new The Kita luxury tower in Tokyo. Developed by global luxury property developer Westbank, The Kita fuses modern design with traditional Japanese lines to create a distinct appearance and vibe.

The Dawn, meanwhile, was commissioned by the owner of The Kita Tea House multi-level penthouse, which itself is notable in that its rooftop takes it cue from those shapes and forms used on traditional Japanese Tea Houses. The car’s exterior is finished in Silver Haze, which reflects The Kita tower’s own silver grey finish. Moreover, it shows off bronze accents, depending on the lighting conditions.

On the inside, the Arctic White and Black accents are complemented by Slate Grey seatbelts and a gradated design that turns from Piano Selby Grey to Piano Black, running the full width of the interior. This is finished off by a stainless steel inlay of The Kita logo.

While the Dawn inspired by architecture is a singular model, Rolls-Royce proudly shows it off to the world, once again showcasing what the Bespoke Collective and one’s imgination are capable of achieving.

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