March 12, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff

Toyota and Volvo win the ‘2019 Future Mobility of the Year’ Awards of KAIST

KAIST, the top Korean engineering university, has crowned Toyota and Volvo as the best concept car makers by global motor journalists. This was the first-ever awards organized by KAIST to grant concept cars that debuted at international motor shows recognition in three categories – Private, Public & Commercial, Personal – each of which contributes to innovative transportation concepts and technologies that shape the future of mobility.

The 2019 judges are an esteemed panel of experts made up of 16 motor journalists representing their countries. Over the three months, the judges evaluated 45 concept cars which had debuted from October 2017 to October 2018.

Volvo 360c, which won Best Private Mobility, was awarded for its impressive comfort and futuristic vision of replacing short-haul flights with its autonomous driving technology. FMOTY Awards judge

“The root of value of car is comfortable & individual transportation. Volvo 360 C thoroughly pursued it. “
–  Koro Okazaki, Car and Driver (Japan)

For the Public & Commercial Mobility, the winner was the Toyota e-Palette. It was recognized for its commitment to deliver Mobility as a Service by serving a variety of purposes such as mobile medical clinics, hotel rooms, retail space and food truck.

“Toyota e-Pallete More than a new project, it is a totally new idea because it integrates vehicles, systems and, mainly, companies around an innovative concept, that is too close to our reality. It has the power to transform the way the cities work today because it takes shops and service businesses and puts them closer the consumers.”
– Zeca Chaves, Quatro Rodas (Brazil)

For the last category of Personal Mobility Category, the winner was the Toyota Concept-i WALK. It was rated best in class for its excellent design, sophisticated user interface and production-ready finishing touches.


“The Concept-i Walk is one of the different mobility solutions Toyota has proposed, and the key points seem to be flexibility in how it can used and integration with technology. While other similar concepts are very focused on specific uses such as factory plant areas and other controlled spaces, the Concept-i Walk looks like it would be able to bridge gaps more easily in the near future.”
– Carl Cunanan, C! Magazine (Philippines)

KAIST established FMOTY Awards to recognize innovative trials of motor industry to shape future mobility, which is distinct from  existing car awards for commercial vehicle. The Awards carries particular significance for being the first-of-its-kind event that spotlight the values of mind-blowing concept car, and promote car makers to challenge the various needs of future transportation.


The organizer of FMOTY
FMOTY Awards was established by the Graduate School for Green Transportation, KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). The Graduate School for Green Transportation, KAIST was founded as academic institution to research intelligent transportation technologies in 2011.
Judging Committee:
Charlie Turner, BBC Top gear (UK)
Paul Horrell, BBC Top gear (UK)
Frank Markus, Motor trend (US)
Georg Kacher, Car Magazine (Germany)
Hirohisa Kaneko, motor journalist (Japan)
Koro Okazaki, Car & Driver Japan (Japan)
Yasuhisa Shimashita, motor analyst (Japan)
Jun Miao, MJ car show (China)
Chacky Ip, The Hong Kong Automobile Association (Hong Kong)
Sierra Yeh, TCar (Taiwan)
Carlos Payo Calderon, Autopista (Spain)
Zeca Chaves, Quatro Rodas (Brazil)
Carl Cunanan, C! Magazine (Philippines)
Yongjoo Kwon, Auto Times
Kibeom Kim, ROADTEST
In-ho Song, Kookmin University

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